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Fire retardant plywood

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Thickness, mm: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, 30, 35
Material: Birch 100%
Adhesive: phenol-formaldehyde
Formaldehyde emission (norm up to 3,5 mg/m2 х h): 0,1-0,3 mg/m2 х h (class Е1)
Moisture: 5-10%
Weight of one package in kg: 550-950

Product Description

In the production of Fire retardant plywood, exterior or laminated plywood made from birch veneer and phenol-formaldehyde adhesive is used. Each layer of veneer in this plywood undergoes fire retardant treatment using an anti-ignition component, providing resistance to fire exposure. After cutting, the edges of the plywood do not require additional treatment with a fire-retardant compound. Fire retardant plywood has enhanced strength and wear resistance, it doesn’t deform or become soggy in high humidity conditions and it reduces the rate of fire spread.
This type of plywood is widely used for cladding walls and floors in passenger transport, railway carriages, as well as in construction and building finishing.

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Grades of plywood

The images show how the plywood approximately looks. The plywood sheets may differ from the photographs below within the ambit of permissible defects. Each grade has its own permissible defects, check with your manager for details.

Grade B

Grade B/B, B/BB plywood is used in furniture production and interior and exterior decorating. If the appearance of the sheets and maximum strength are crucial for your objectives, it’s best to choose grade B, which also has the tightest technical control when it comes to production. Only minor defects are permissible.

Grade BB

Grade BB/BB, BB/CP is mainly used as a flooring base or as various furniture elements, and also as a foundation for laminated plywood.

Grade CP

Grade CP is perfect for designs where the appearance isn’t the primary concern or ones hidden from view. It’s used to make packaging materials or flooring backer boards. The prevalence of noticeable defects is higher compared to better grades.

Grade C

Grade C is reserved for products where the appearance doesn’t matter at all. There may be quite a few visually noticeable defects. That being said, we still guarantee the veneers are properly glued together. Suitable to be used as packaging since, despite the low-tier grade, the plywood is still water-resistant and strong.

Plywood can be used in multiple areas:

Furniture production – furniture decor elements can be made from plywood, as can be walls and other structure parts. Film faced plywood F/F and F/W are often used for these purposes.


Plywood’s a convenient option when manufacturing formwork for pouring concrete. Namely F/F plywood.


You can make interior and exterior decoration elements from plywood or use it to clad walls and roofs. MR (interior) plywood can work great for inner wall cladding, while WBP (exterior) plywood is perfect outer cladding. Thanks to the phenol-formaldehyde adhesive in its composition, this type of plywood has increased water resistance.


Train car sheeting, truck trailer flooring. F/W plywood with its special non-slip coating is perfect for such purposes.


Plywood is one of the elements used to make wooden pallets and industrial packaging.


When laying wooden floors, plywood can be used as a substrate (usually WBP plywood thanks to its increased moisture resistance).

Exercise equipment and toys

Plywood can often be found on sport grounds, for example, jump exercise boxes are usually made from it. Many wooden toys are also made from plywood.

Laser cutting

When it comes to manufacturing complex parts, plywood is often used for laser cutting purposes. This requires special plywood with additional quality control.

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