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Formwork plywood

From 800 EUR/m3
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Thickness, mm: 6, 6.5, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27, 30, 35, 40
Grades: 1/1
Film density, g/m2: 120/120, 120/220, 220/220
Film color: dark-brown, gray, black and other colors as agreed with the buyer
Material: Birch 100%
Adhesive: phenol-formaldehyde
Formaldehyde emission (norm up to 3,5 mg/m2 х h): 0,1-0,3 mg/m2 х h (class Е1)
Moisture: 5-10%
Weight of one package in kg: 650-1050

Product Description

The surface can be smooth (F/F), non-slip with a grid pattern (F/W) or non-slip hexa (F/H).

The production of shuttering plywood uses exterior plywood, which is covered on both sides with phenolic or melamine film. Thanks to special technology, the surface of such plywood becomes fully waterproof and very durable, which allows it to be used repeatedly. Formwork plywood is characterized by high resistance to intensive use, resistance to abrasion of the surface layer, deformation and color fading.

Shuttering plywood is widely used for formwork, as scaffolding lining, wagon cladding, for furniture, advertising boards and signs. The smoothness of plywood allows it to be used in various types of wall and ceiling finishes, as well as in tiling and wallpaper bonding.

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Plywood can be used in multiple areas:

In the furniture manufacturing process, shuttering plywood is often used to create decorative elements, as well as walls and other parts of the furniture structure. In this context, F/F and F/W laminated plywood is often used.


The use of shuttering plywood is very practical when preparing formwork for pouring concrete. F/F shuttering plywood is the optimal choice for this type of application.


Formwork plywood is a great material for both indoor and outdoor decoration. It can be used to cover walls and roofs. For interior wall cladding, MR plywood is suitable, while for exterior cladding it is best to use WBP plywood. Thanks to the use of phenol-formaldehyde adhesive, shuttering plywood is characterized by increased water resistance.


Shuttering plywood is an excellent material used for, among other things, wagon covers and truck trailer floors. F/W shuttering plywood with an anti-slip coating is especially recommended for trailer floors because of its excellent properties.


Shuttering plywood is used to make wooden pallets and industrial packaging.


When laying wood floors, instead of wood plywood, formwork plywood is used as a substrate. The most commonly used here is WBP formwork plywood with increased moisture resistance.

Exercise equipment and toys

Formwork plywood is often used in sports structures. For example, jumping boxes are made from shuttering plywood. Wooden toys are also made from the same material.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting of shuttering plywood is often used in the production of complex forms. In this case, special laminated plywood with increased quality requirements is required.

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